Who I Work With

I  help individuals, couples and, families of all ages and life stages. My areas of expertise include:
 • Relationship Counselling:  Learn how to feel good about your ability to manage difficulties and reduce conflict in relationship/s (partner, family, parent-teen conflict, step-families, friend,
etc). This includes pre-marital counselling.
Anxiety and Depression:  Gain mastery over the hold one or the other or both anxiety and   depression may have on your life.
Grief and Trauma:  Make sense of and bring peace to at traumatic event from the past or in the   present.
Stress:  Learn how to manage the excessive demands and stress of life.
• Heal from physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
Chronic Illness:  Maximize your quality of quality of life while living with a chronic illness or being a   caregiver to someone with a chronic illness.

And I work with people who are seeking to:
• Increase their sense of aliveness through self-exploration.
• Become clear and excited about personal direction at a time of transition  in work,
   relationships, etc.
• Minimize self-sabotaging behaviour and maximize self esteem.
• Understand and benefit from an identity crisis  such as in middle-age.
• Learn how to cope with someone close who is an alcoholic and/or addict.

What to Expect from Your Sessions

At the centre of my work with clients is the belief that all  of life’s challenges, even the most difficult, if met with an open, caring and, skilled approach will eventually will come to enrich our lives. Whether you are trying to manage anxiety or depression or want to improve your relationships, I would like to you leave each session feeling some relief, increased clarity and, tools which will help you address the problem in your everyday life. My appointments with you will be an hour long. You can come by yourself or with whomever you feel appropriate. Couples counseling is done best when both members of the couple are present but just one member of the couple coming in for counseling is all that is necessary to get things started. If you are coming in because of difficulties concerning a younger child, I would ask you to first come in by yourself to discuss the issues that are concerning you. The number of sessions you will require will depend on a several things including the type and severity of the problem you are facing and your readiness to address what’s going on. In every case my goal is to help you as efficiently and effectively as possible so that you can become self-reliant as soon as possible. We will monitor how things are going regularly so that you are sure to get what you need from the sessions.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."   Buddist Philosopy