Why see a therapist?

No one seems to get through life without being challenged by emotionally difficult circumstances whether it’s relationship difficulties, stress, grief or trauma.  When challenges are addressed and given kind, skilled and, undivided attention we can experience a sense of relief, renewed strength, and the hope that comes with comes with a clear direction forward.

If  problems are left unaddressed, they remain with us in the  form of feelings of hopelessness, fear or anger.  Unaddressed trauma or difficulties are like emotional slivers, influencing our lives in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and causing us to seek relief, often through unproductive behaviours.  If we are fortunate, friends or family members can provide us with the support and perspective that help us to properly make it through a traumatic time or a difficult patch.  Through very difficult passages, however, even the support of those closest to us may not be enough. This is when the assistance of a professional therapist is invaluable.  Therapists have the skills and experience to help you, you and your partner, you and your family, achieve well-being effectively and efficiently.  

F inally, although most of us think of seeing a therapist only at the most difficult times in our lives, regular visits to a therapist can also be useful.  A visit with a therapist is like receiving ‘emotional chiropractic’ that helps to keep you on track in your relationships with your mates, your family members, your friends and co-workers and, most importantly, with your commitment to your own well-being.



"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  Albert Einstein